Baby Don’t Fear the Reaper

Great song by Blue Oyster Cult!

Great Lesson about Life and Death

On one of our weekly Iron Will group calls last week I asked each participant this question:

“What was your biggest challenge during the month of March?”

One person shared something.

Something big – deep and REAL.

He said as he was nearing his 50th birthday, he was finding himself fearing that he was running out of time.

He was feeling anxious about not having accomplished so many of the things he thought he would have by now.

The magic of this community is that we have a safe place where we can voice and share deep feelings like this.

At another point he said he felt he was struggling with it a lot lately – he didn’t like this “irrational feeling.”

At 53 myself I can surely relate, and his words struck home to all of us on the call.

I thought about what he had just shared, to which I responded.

On the aspect of it seeming irrational, I suggested it was more of a feeling of “self-awareness” or an awakening.

Because we are, in fact, running out of time. From the day we are born our days are numbered.

Becoming aware is beautiful and enlightening – and also scary as fuck!

Especially if we feel we haven’t lived up to our dreams and aspirations, our purpose and potential.

Listen to the Iron Will Podcast episode Death is Coming

It’s also one of the reasons we need to work on ourselves – to transform our minds and bodies to live our best lives. Creating our “Ultimate Story of Ourselves” is one of the reasons we developed the Iron Will Reboot program and Iron Will Academy.

My own transformation was brought on by the very same fears and concerns.

Now 120 lbs lighter, 6 years sober, and in the best physical and mental shape of my life, I’m in a position to race against the Reaper.

Now more than at any time in my life, I am going after my BEST LIFE!

  • Because I have the desire and awareness to do so,
  • I have the Iron Will mindset and physical prowess to pursue this next level,
  • The mindset to spend time and bandwidth deciding what I want and creating a course to move me there.

We Fear the Reaper because we are broken and tired.

If we become stronger and possess an Iron Will to pursue our passions and pursue our true self, we will come to acknowledge and respect the Reaper.

Treating him like a worthy adversary

My goal at the endwhen I meet up with reaperis to welcome him and have him congratulate me on a journey well run!

Baby, don’t fear the Reaper…


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