How we feel – is who we are

I was in my own coaching group this morning (yes coaches should have coaches too!)

The topic was about one of the keys to absolute transformation and creating a life that is truly astounding.

The discussion was about going beyond setting goals – beyond determining what our “why” is.

I mean these are very necessary starting points to be sure.

How to make a Transformation

But I think what matters most isn’t what our goals and dreams are, but how they make us feel.

Or better yet how we feel when we think about them.

The more powerful and vivid the feelings associated with our purpose and dreams, the higher the degree of success and the less time needed to get there.

We’ve heard many times that people may not remember what you said to them 10 years from now, but they will never forget how you made them feel when they interacted with you.

Or in the words of one of our greatest sages – Obi Wan Kenobi:

Curd Hos Obi Wan

“Luke, trust your feelings.”

Going deeper into our mindset – we need to create the “feelings” necessary to become who we want to be.

Then we need to play those feelings out over and over again…

With meditation

With a favorite song

With our imagination

It’s one of the reasons I love to use the “Ultimate Day” exercise.

What is your ultimate day?

In this exercise, we create a vivid story of what we think our ultimate day would be like… from the moment we wake up to the time we go to bed.

Every step of the way, we create what each one of our senses will experience throughout the day.

From the smell of fresh-brewed coffee to the song of birds in the morning as you wake up – if that’s your thing.

See, hear, and feel your entire best day!

It’s an amazing exercise.

And it’s an amazing inner compass that will steer your subconscious.

Who we feel we are – is who we become.

Ready to make a Transformation?

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