The 6 Million Dollar Man

The 6 Million Dollar Man

The 6 million Dollar man

Remember that show from the 70’s ?

Steve Austin – got all fucked up when his space ship crash landed and they had to rebuild his broken ass.

They had to rebuild him

Better – Stronger – Faster

That’s kinda my story

2 years ago I was broken – Fucked up – I Crashed

I began my epic journey to rebuild myself

Better – Stronger – Faster (like the 6 million dollar man )

2 years later

140 lbs. lighter

20 more lbs. of muscle

Best shape of my life at 54

But what now ?

I have been asked a lot lately

“So Curd.. after this crazy transformation .. what are you doing now…?”

Great question

During the last 2 years of transformation and the Covid shut down – I have had lots of time to work on myself and re-evaluate what I want to be doing going forward.

A few things became apparent during this time and transformation

I loved training again – my time in the gym world wasn’t done

I love helping others create amazing life changing transformations – people seeing what I was doing began reaching out

I love creating our Iron Hos Gear clothing – creating clothing that inspires and motivates – from design to printing – I’m in love with all aspects of it

I also realized I missed being a shopkeeper – I use to love being in my store – people coming in talking training and nutrition and providing knowledge and quality supplements to hit goals – gains and pr’s

With my rekindled love for training

With my levels of energy

With my renewed levels of self esteem and confidence

My head is clearer – and I’m happier so my perspective is different

I have opened a private training gym 24/7 access

I have opened a retail location above the gym – supps – clothing and lifting accessories

I am doing personal training 20 hours a week mostly early mornings [email protected] if your interested

I also have our life changing 28 day Iron Will reboot program

All this is for the purpose of helping men and women create the Heroic version of themselves.

My life has changed so much. I want this for everyone, that’s what our brand IronHos is all about, that’s how I live everyday for myself.

Here’s the kicker

I’m not working 15-18 hour days

I’m not working 6-7 days a week

I have a much better balanced life.

Better – Stronger – Faster (like the 6 million dollar man )

Shit maybe I’ll even get to fight bigfoot like Steve Austin did !

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