2500 days …

Interesting number.


6.85 years
83 ish months
357 weeks

60,000 hours
3,600,000 minutes
216,000,000 seconds

Curd Hos Iron Hos GEar

I recently hit the milestone of 2500 days being sober.

One of my greatest achievements.

One of the hardest things I have ever done.


Somedays that first day seems like yesterday.

Most days it feels like a lifetime ago.

Many days it was the only thing I was able to accomplish amidst the chaos and hurt that was my life at the time.

I held onto that like a fucking life preserver. Like I was lost at sea with the waves of life; stress and the desperate desire for change smashing me about.

Now those seas are much calmer.

But I’m always ready for the next storm.

There will always be storms.

I’ve accomplished a lot since those 2500 days began.

But I still track and write down that growing number EVERY DAY in my journal.

It’s like the odometer of my life with a newly rebuilt engine dropped in my favorite ride.

I love looking at that number!

The first day was the scariest and most important one of all.

It’s also the magic that I celebrate every new day added to the total!


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