The Reason Your Life Sucks

The reason your life sucks right now?


More specifically,

The Fear of Change.

I am always looking at what drives us internally.

Why we do what we do – positive and negative.

Why we don’t do what we know we should.

I believe the more I understand what’s happening here, the better my Epic Hero Journey will continue to be.

And the more I’ll be able to help men and women move forward with their own Epic Hero transformation through the Iron Will Reboot Program.

It’s Neuroscience time boys and girls…

Everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) we do is based on our own neuroscience.

This is a fancy term for our mindset and how our brain works.

Our brain is a computer and our neuroscience is the program it runs on.

Crappy programming = Crappy output or reality.


Fear is what I believe to be our single most limiting mental factor.

Much of the resistance to undertaking your own transformation has to do with FEAR.

Fear is a powerful force to deal with.

The more we feed it the more powerful it becomes.

Some of the fears we have when we want to make real changes in our lives need to be addressed.

Fear #1: Can I handle this?

There are two parts to this fear:

1st: It’s going to be too hard.

Can I handle the work that needs to be done to make this transformation?

  • Will I know what to do?
  • How hard is it going to be?
  • Will I starve?
  • Do I have to live in the gym?

(BTW the answer to the last 2? With the Iron Will Reboot, NO ONE STARVES, and we don’t expect anyone to train 3 hours a day)

2nd: Fear of Success.

  • Can I handle life on the other side of this transformation?
  • Will I be able to maintain these new changes?
  • Will I change too much as a person? (NO! – the real you just comes out better than ever!!)
  • Will I lose friends or people close to me? (Who you lose in this journey will be replaced by who you gain on the other side. There will be more powerful & positive relationships – trust me I know!)

When is Fear Good?

Bears and Sharks

In this day and age, the fear of bears and sharks is really the only time we need to be fearful and alert.

Of course, any other situation where we may face imminent physical danger is when fear is meant to put us on alert and ensure our survival.

But the fear of thinking we won’t ever be able to eat a donut or drink a beer again when we decide to lose weight and become healthy is the ridiculous aspect of fear.

When is Fear Bad?

The fear response becomes a negative impact on our lifestyle, influencing everything we think, feel and do.

Living in fear keeps us stuck in a self-perpetuating cycle of defeat and frustration.

When you commit to facing your fears, you’re able to discover strategies to overcome them and find peace.

The key to dealing with fear getting in the way of what you know needs to get done is…


Find a solution to the situation you’re facing.

Facing your fear and taking action almost instantly melts away fear and starts us on the path to success and transformation.

What fears do I have now?

We will always have to deal with fear. BUT, what I fear now is so much less than all the shit I was afraid of before:

  • When I was drinking,
  • When I was 398 lbs,
  • When I was physically weak and tired,
  • When my business was in the shitter.

There were so many fears!

Most of them were false, irrational, and self-fulfilling.

That’s because my fucking brain was fucking me over. That was because of the mindset and programming I was running at the time.

When my mindset changed – I changed.

When I took action – I changed!

When I decided I was going to start following and living the 4 daily non-negotiables that are now the foundational pillars of my life and the Iron Will Reboot Program.

My mind changed – my body changed.

As my body changed – my mind continued to change.

My biggest Fear now is Fear itself.

When the situation arises in my life where I feel fear, I first recognize that  I’m feeling the fear and ask myself,

“Is it because there’s Bears and Sharks, or am I being irrational because I’m tried or overwhelmed at the moment?”

Once I determine which fear it is, I either deal with the Bears and Sharks or I deal with irrational fear.

Either way, I’m now strong enough mentally and physically to handle either scenario.

Fucking Bears and Sharks!Curd


Ready to make a Transformation?

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