I Hope You’re Struggling Right Now!

You’ve been hit hard?

Life got you down?

Covid affected your job or business?

Are you overweight, broken, depressed, lonely?

Good ….

Fucking GOOD!

The struggle you’re currently facing is an opportunity.

It’s a test designed to make you stronger.

To force much-needed change.

You know you need to lose weight.

You probably didn’t like that job or career anyway.

Maybe you knew your business had to change? (this one was very tough for me – but so damned true)

Ask anyone who has recovered from adversity – addiction – heartache.

Hitting their bottom was necessary for them ( for me) to finally get better, make changes, get clean, get sober.

When you’ve finally had enough of being overweight & broken, lonely, or broke, you end up doing something about it.

For things to get better – they have to suck ass at first.

A life without adversity has no chance to blossom.

I wouldn’t be in the best shape of my life at 53 if I hadn’t finally braved the struggle of being almost 400 lbs – obese – and an alcoholic who required help from https://confidentialrehab.co.uk.

The incredible rewarding and purpose-driven life I am creating and the business brands of Iron Hos Gear and The Iron Will Program could never have been created had I not struggled through the adversity of past failures.

From the clouds of pain and uncertainty came the clarity and light of my true passion and purpose.

To help 100,000 men and women transform their own lives and become the very best versions of themselves.

Struggling and persevering through my own bottoms and failures has created this amazing new reality.

My epic journey has and continues to forge the incredible life of happiness and purpose that I have always wanted.

I needed the challenge.

I needed the pain.

The suffering is what finally drove me to:

  • Struggle
  • Persevere
  • Succeed
  • Inspire.

My journey is far from over. There will be more:

  • Pain
  • Struggles
  • Challenges

But I now know they are a gift and the crucible through which I must pass to fulfill my destiny and help others along the way.

Whatever your struggle is, it’s your chance at real happiness and purpose.

A life well lived needs adversity.

It wants challenge.

Rise to it!

This is your invitation to become better, become stronger, become wiser.

This is your chance to create your own Iron Will.

Be grateful for your struggle.

Now pick yourself up and let’s fucking go!

Curd “Iron” Hos


Ready to make a Transformation?

The Iron Will 28-Day Reboot is a four-week, step-by-step weight loss transformation program for men & women 35 & over, that includes a clean meal plan, personalized supplementation, fat-burning & body-changing workouts, and daily inspiration to help you feel STRONG & CONFIDENT, look AMAZING, and have much more ENERGY to do the things you really want to do!

Demon Control

A few weeks ago I posted on Facebook about a couple of lessons that I learned while out on my daily power walk.

First, it was hot as balls.

31 degrees Celsius–36 degrees with the humid-ex–and I did a 5 km walk.

It was Hot. as. Fuck. ( I have to mention that again)

It was one of those days that I found myself not in the best frame of mind.

I was feeling very impatient and over-sensitive (big baby mode). Things were just rubbing me the wrong way.

As exercise is one of my 4 daily non-negotiables, this walk was getting done.

No. Matter. What.

I headed down to one of my regular walking areas and set out to hit 5 k.

I really wasn’t pumped for the walk, and on top of that, it was HOT (yup 3rd time I mention it – cause it was damned hot!!)

As the walk progressed I focused on just moving and breathing.

Then I started to take in the sights around me.

As I walked along I could feel my impatience giving way.

I began to think more freely and I was breathing deeper and calmer. The heat and steady movement was seeing to that.

I just let myself go as I walked.

By halfway through the walk I physically felt much better.

By the end of the walk, I was sweating profusely and I felt 1000% better.

My mind was clearer, the burden from earlier in the day was lifted.

It wasn’t until the end of the walk as I was sitting on a bench that I realized just how much the Demons in my head had been running rampant.

As I said earlier–with the mood I was in–I wasn’t motivated or looking forward to that walk.

But it was one of my daily non-negotiables

And daily non-negotiables GET DONE!

That’s why they are so important and damned effective.

The 4 daily non-negotiables just pull us along towards progress and results even when we don’t want to.


Ready to make a Transformation?

The Iron Will 28-Day Reboot is a four-week, step-by-step weight loss transformation program for men & women 35 & over, that includes a clean meal plan, personalized supplementation, fat-burning & body-changing workouts, and daily inspiration to help you feel STRONG & CONFIDENT, look AMAZING, and have much more ENERGY to do the things you really want to do!

If You are Serious, Write shit down Episode 177

This is the low hanging fruit that you can easily grab and start making a change today!

It starts with writing things down, your goals – your dreams – your action plan

Writing things down encourages daily progress

Before anyone tries to improve themselves, their thoughts, or their actions, the first step should always be to evaluate their past and current situation.

By writing things down, you’d have a record of what you did, thought of, and acted on so this helps you reflect on what worked and what didn’t. You can gauge your strengths and weaknesses and identify how you spend your time and energy.




I have always said, my very best training happens when I write everything down in my training journal.

My mind takes it more serious – my body takes it more serious

I have a way of making sure I continue to push and progress

Some days – I feel like dog shit and really don’t want to think about training – but with a workout that’s written down – I just work on getting it done

1 line – 1 exercise – 1 set at at time..

In no time flat workout is done

Mind and Body are in a much different place due to adrenaline and endorphins

Best of all – I didn’t skip and I kept myself accountable

Always being pulled forward – Not even I can get in my own way that way.








Ready to make a Transformation?

The Iron Will 28-Day Reboot is a four-week, step-by-step transformation program for men & women 35 & over, that includes a clean meal plan, personalized supplementation, fat-burning & body-changing workouts, and daily inspiration to help you feel STRONG & CONFIDENT, look AMAZING and have much more ENERGY to do the things you really want to do!

Where the hell is Curd?

Where the hell is Curd?

So this week was my birthday week.

I turned 53.

I unplugged from most things and it was time to reflect and take stock.

I always take this week to reflect on everything going on in my life.

My physical health,

My mental health,

My relationships health,

My business health.

Then I decide on new goals and objectives for the next year.

For the last few years what I saw wasn’t very good – neither was my work on setting new goals and objectives to improve going forward.

This year was different – very different!


curd hos transformation


The physical

This year not only did I lose 120 lbs – but I am in probably the very best shape of my life.

My physical energy and endurance is through the roof.

The mental

This is the area of the most improvement.

I decided that I would live my life by 4 non-negotiable daily standards or rituals.

  • Food mastery
  • Exercise
  • Personal Presentation
  • Mindset programming

My relationships

Here I worked on deepening relationships with the people most important to me.

My wife.

My kids.

My inner circle of influence – which I made much, much smaller (friends – training partners – business partners).

I also stepped away from negative or draining relationships. 

I didn’t unfriend anyone, I just adjusted my energy spent and expectations.

My Business Health 

This one was tricky for sure this year.

Rebuilding after closing my training facility. 

Growing the Iron Hos Gear brand amidst the Covid craziness severely limited our capability to run meets and events.

Working on some very exciting new partnerships and projects for the brand.

Creating the Iron Will Reboot Transformation weight-loss program, brought about by the huge transformation I have undergone. 

Which led to many people being inspired and motivated to do the same for themselves!

Am I Bragging?!

Nope, not at all, but I am taking inventory of the wins and taking the time warranted to appreciate them.

Has it been easy?

Fuck no!

I have wanted to quit many times as old feelings of inadequacy and poor self-esteem reared its head many times in the beginning.

At the start, I was physically and mentally tired and broken.

Then as I started to make real progress the old “Imposter Syndrome” started to appear.

Who was I to think I could do this?

At my age?

I was too fat.

I had used up all my chances.

There wasn’t enough time left.

These were hard feelings to keep at bay. 

My mindset had to become very strong. I had to develop and MAINTAIN an Iron Will.

Taking a break 

I also took a break this week on my diet. 

I did keep my daily weigh-ins going, but didn’t freak out with my weight coming back up a bit.

I didn’t go crazy with food, but rather ate closer to a maintenance level and had a few cheat meals along the way in celebration of my birthday.

Having spent much of the last year in a daily calorie deficit, and especially over the last 60 days or so where I dropped over 50 lbs, it was time for a little “diet break.”

I kept the workouts the same and increased the length of my outdoor walks.

The added calorie intake gave me a nice boost of energy in the gym as it allowed more overall muscle recovery to happen.

Now it’s time to set new goals and get refocused!

What lies ahead in 2021 – 2022


Weight Loss and Physique

My next goal is to get down to 250 lbs and to decide which bodybuilding show I will do in 2021.

I am so happy that my passion for working out has not only returned but is now at a level I have never ever held before.


I have some exciting projects that will be coming to fruition in 2021. 

Additions to the Iron Hos Brand of apparel and accessories.

Opening an ultra-private training facility and retail location for Iron Hos Gear.

Running strength events as soon as the Covid climate and regulations allow us to do so.

Continue to help men and women make amazing transformations and discover the very best versions of themselves with the Iron Will Reboot transformation program and the Iron Will Academy.


Create more time and space for quality time with the people that matter most to me. Do what I can to help enrich their lives.

Hopefully, get back to some travel once we can do so again.


Here is an area I want to really explore and push myself in the coming year. 

I want to go deeper than I ever have in training and strengthening my mind.

I plan on doing this with daily rituals and mental and physical challenges designed to increase my Iron Will.

I have come to realize that ALL real change happens in our minds and how we think about ourselves and the world around us.

Stop yer grinnin’ and drop yer linen!

One of my favorite sayings, meaning it’s time to take action and move on to the next level.

I’m excited.

I’m grateful.

I’m ready.


Let’s fucking go !


Struggle – Persevere – Succeed – Inspire




Naked and Crying


Naked and Crying

I found myself in an all too familiar state this afternoon.

At times in life many of us have found ourselves in a moment of great despair, pushed to a point where we break.

Often it hits us when we are all alone, overwhelmed we let it out, tears flowing, body shaking, feeling naked and alone (sometimes we’re actually naked in bed or coming out of the shower) and it hits us square in the face.

The truth of our sadness or unhappiness can’t be hidden anymore.

Something in our life is making us miserable

Our body.
Our mind.
Our relationships.
Our business or career.

One or all of these areas can suck for us.

I know for me over the years I have found myself at incredible low points or “bottoms.”

Points at which I had to let it out – I couldn’t hold it in any longer.

Food – Sex – Booze could no longer mask my feelings. Usually these things were making it worse and were causing even more issues for me.

I remember one time in particular I was in the shower – openly crying, just letting the water run over me as I was overtaken with emotion. I knew I couldn’t continue living my life in the manner I had been.

Something had to change.

I also knew that only I could do anything about it.

The next day I gave up drinking and got sober ( 6+ years now at the time of writing this).

The great thing about hitting bottom

These “bottoms” were usually followed by me taking massive action, picking myself up by my bootstraps and forging ahead.

I have done this during:

Business failures,
Relationships ending,
Loss of life close to me,
Deciding to no longer live as an obese and weak person.

However, there have been times (albeit more rare) that I have been this emotional in times of great happiness!

The birth of my children.
Business successes.
Achieving great results competing in the bench press.

Today I once again found myself naked and in tears.

This time it was one of joy and celebration.

As I stepped on the scale naked I weighed in and saw these numbers flash,


279 lbs.

I had done it.


From 398 lbs – obese – weak and broken mentally – unhappy with my current levels of business – my mindset – the quality of my relationships

Now 279 lbs – feeling 1000% better physically and mentally.

My business and relationships have improved dramatically (even in the midst of this crazy covid world).

I hadn’t been this light in 30 years!

I got very emotional.

There I was naked and crying.

Not gonna lie, this ‘Naked” version looked much better ..lol!

This is definitely a good version of naked and crying.

It was great to just sit there and take it all in.

Appreciate how far I had come.

Look at what amazing things had changed for me.

See what exciting new opportunities now present themselves to me.

Acknowledge and respect all the hard work I had just accomplished (something we don’t do enough with ourselves and our accomplishments)

All this as I turn 53 in a few days.

At 398 lbs I felt that time was running out and I would miss out on so much.

At 279 I feel like there is so much that can and will be accomplished with the time I have in front of me!

Struggle – Persevere – Succeed- Inspire






Don’t Wait To Be Perfect

Don’t wait to be perfect before you start something. 

One of the biggest obstacles we have whenever we want to start something new, is an innate fear that whatever we’re going to do isn’t gonna be good enough.

And it’s completely normal. 

And while it’s completely normal, don’t get trapped by it.

You’ve got to get started.

While we talk about taking action and getting things done, you also have to fight that fear and that worry of always being perfect.

You see it all the time, “I’ll do this thing, when I’m able to do that other thing first.” 

If you truly want to do something, start doing it right away.

In the fitness field we see it all the time (and I’ve actually heard people say this, too many times) “I’ll start working out when I’m in better shape” or “I want to lose a few more pounds before I come to the gym.”

When you think about it, it sounds insane.

But we feel we’re not good enough to do something, even though we really want to do it. 

In fact, a really cool quote I heard a while back is if you’re not embarrassed by the first time you did something/the first time you created something/the first time you took action on something–if you’re not a little bit embarrassed by it–you waited too long

You waited too long to go after what you wanted to do.

Because you’re only going to get really good at something after you start.

No one starts things perfectly. It’s just a fear we have.

Now sometimes it’s an excuse, and you can usually tell the way someone frames it, that they’re using it as an excuse. 

But honestly, it’s a fear of us not doing it right, it’s a fear of us looking foolish or it’s the fear of people laughing at us or judging us. 

Fuck all that. 

At the end of the day, when you’re ready–when deep down inside you know you’re ready to start something–fucking do it. 

Go and do it!

Who gives a fuck if you stumble 20 times?

It’s far better than wishing you had done something for a long time and never executed it.

Because once you start something–and it starts happening, and the momentum starts, and the progress happens– you’re so happy you did it that you’ll wish you would’ve started a long time before!

I’ve seen it in powerlifting when people compete for the first time. Inevitably, they get off the platform wishing they had started two years ago, six months ago, 10 years ago!

You just gotta let that ego go aside and let that fear go aside, and go do it.

Do it for the first time and look to improve, because anytime you learn a skill, you’re going to improve.

But first, you have to start. 

START, then you can be consistent. 

START, then you can improve.

But if you don’t start, nothing happens. 

Guys, don’t wait to be perfect. 


Curd Hos

12 more weeks of Regret

This week we started our next 12 week session of the Silverback Blueprint.

Over the next 3 months –  4 men will begin to transform themselves

  • Physically
  • Mentally
  • Spiritually

We start with the before pics, measurements and weigh ins.

A quick warm up / mini workout

These guys will be nervous and anxious.

They haven’t felt themselves in years or even decades.

They are suffering from

  • Low Self esteem
  • Lack of confidence
  • Low energy
  • Low libido…


Well all that is about to change this week.

We start small.

For some of these men there is a lot to fix.

We do just that, small improvements every workout, every week.

The muscles start to wake up, energy starts to increase.

Self esteem starts improving (right from the very first workout).

  • Sleep improves
  • Sex improves
  • Mindset improves
  • Life Improves


For other guys who haven’t made the decision to change it’s gonna be 12 more weeks of regret.

But not for these guys changing their lives this week !

For the others, maybe next time


No Day is complete without your workout

Here’s my latest Workout Video

Work Hard Motherfuckers!!


The Silverback Blueprint

Here’s How I started it all
Here’s a pic me weighing 395 Lbs
 Curd Hos
I can tell you my life was shitty!
I felt like crap, I couldn’t walk 500 meters – my back was done – my cardio was in the toilet.
But the crazy part was I could bench over 500 lbs so I clung to that, telling myself that as long as I was strong it was good.
Damn I was full of bullshit!
I didn’t really like ANY thing about myself…things were pretty dark
Then One day I finally couldn’t take it anymore
I got up,I mean I just stood the fuck up, put my shoes on and went for a walk, a terrible sweaty painful and embarrassing walk. Not even 500 meters, I was done.
I came home, made a smoothie, took a pad of paper a pen and I laid out a plan.
 curd hos silverback blueprint
Fighting the Fight every day down to 290 lbs 1 year later.
My life really changed and along the way my Strength and Conditioning company Hostyle Conditioning was born.
I felt fantastic, My family was happier, I was happier.
People were proud of me, most of all and I mean this is the biggest thing of ALL.
I was proud of myself! I had found my Self respect the most important type of respect and I had it BACK!
But the crazy thing happened along the way..
I took my eye off the ball (ie my own focus on myself)
The old way of life crept back in, straying from eating well – too many cheat meals – too often and boom I
crept back up up to 365 lbs
curd hos podcast
Fuck that shit!
I caught myself and created the Silverback Blueprint.
Like I mentioned earlier
Using the exact meal plan as well as the daily workouts in the blueprint I am down almost 9 lbs in just under 2 weeks and my energy is starting to really ramp up.
It’s really about being part of something bigger than your self. When I focus on my goals daily. When I think about the people who depend on me to be at my very best.
When I stop and listen to my own voice, remembering what it feels like inside when I am healthier, stronger, when I really am the “SIlverback
It becomes clear and actually much easier… Time to fix this!
Take action
Become a Silverback
Let’s go Crush it!