About Curd Hos

From Fat – Broke and an Alcoholic to building a Kickass Training Facility

My name is Curd Hos.

I have a Podcast called the Silverback Blueprint Podcast

It’s for men over 40 looking to rebuild themselves inside and out.

I promote Mindset, Strength and Conditioning and going after our real goals and Vision in Life.

The podcast is made up of myself going over many different topics as well as documenting my journey.

There are also interviews from other men who have overcome and dealt with some of life’s biggest challenges and become successful in their own journeys.

I came across your name and have been looking at the amazing story you have.

Would you be interested in coming on our Podcast?

About Curd Hos

From Fat – Broke and an Alcoholic to building a Kickass Training Facility called Hostyle Conditioning

Curd went from 5 Fitness Warehouse supplement stores down to 1 location back in 2009.

His business world had imploded.. “I fucked shit up.. no matter what people or anyone say, I was responsible for all of it.”

“Not doing the things I knew deep down I should have done. I listened to the wrong people – only because they were saying what I wanted to hear at the time.

Anything to drown out the voice in my head that was shouting at me to make changes much sooner.

I knew then I wasn’t really being “me” anymore.”

  • I was broke
  • My Business failed
  • I was fat – almost 400 lbs
  • I was an alcoholic who required help from the local addiction treatment centre
  • I was so fuckin broken and sad

Since 2009

We have a Kick Ass Training Facility with

  • the best equipment
  • great coaches
  • the best clients
  • an amazing atmosphere
  • an amazing team as my staff

Finally a gym that I am truly proud of – one that’s as serious as you are..

I’m still kinda fat – but fuck I’m happy and stronger than ever inside and out

25+ Years Strength Coach-  Bench Press Athlete – Founder Hostyle Conditioning – Hostyle Gear

Orleans- Ottawa Canada · www.hostyle.ca www.curdhos.com

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