To some you will be a Hero – to others a Villain

When we decide to make huge changes in our lives, we expect there to be many positives. But we also know to expect some problems along the way.


  • we will feel better,
  • lose weight,
  • get stronger,
  • feel more confident,


  • it’s gonna be hard at first,
  • we’re going to get tired at times,
  • we can feel lost and overwhelmed.

The Unexpected

Then there is the stuff we don’t expect.

How many people will be inspired by our progress?

How many people will have a problem with our progress?

Even stranger…

The people who know us the least will be the ones most inspired.

The people closest to us are some of the ones who will have the biggest issues with what we are doing.

it’s kinda fucked up – at first

Soon though it will just be part of the journey, part of the experiences you will have along the way to becoming the very best version of yourself.

It’s part of the price of success and change.

Just last week…within the space of 24 hours,

I received two very different messages.

First – I was told that I had become “self-absorbed” and I was a poor communicator.

Second – literally 24 hours later I was sent this message…

“I’m not sure you know how many lives you’ve touched… your name has come up a number of times. You are doing great work!”

Talk about diametrically opposed messages!!

I’d like to say that the negative message didn’t bother me. But I’m human, so it did. At first.

The old me would have really spent a lot of time spinning on that negative message.

Instead, I looked at the positive message harder – deeper.

In the end I came up with this…

To some you will be a Hero – to others you will be a Villain.

Venom – Hero to some Villain to others

When I sat and thought about the messages even further, I realized both messages were actually very true.

I have become more self-absorbed!

I put my health – my mindset – fitness – my transformation, first above all else and everyone else.

But that type of self-absorbed has also inspired hundreds, maybe even thousands at this point, and will only continue to grow.

My transformation journey is allowing me to lead and help so many more people.

The more self-absorbed I am becoming, the more I have to offer and give to others!

The “Self Absorbed – Hero – Villain ” me…

…Is happier,

Is stronger Mentally and Physically,

IS a better man – husband -father – business partner – leader – friend.

BUT don’t worry, there’s still lots of room for improvement in all areas too.

Self-Absorbed or Inspiration as seen by others is just that – how others see me based on what’s happening in their hearts and minds.

The big difference is what I believe about myself – what my definition of self-absorbed is.

Yes, I am both a Hero and a Villain.

It’s the only way we can improve and move forward.

I accept it.

There is a time and a place for both

Be ready!


Struggle – Persevere – Succeed – Inspire

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One Reply to “To some you will be a Hero – to others a Villain”

  1. I believe this to be true, all parts. I’ve found that the more I focus on my goals the more I have to give up. No drinking and eating for goals and working out frequently leave no room for partying and slacking. It means people have backed off from me, I don’t get invited to many things and people don’t check in with me that I thought I was close with because I choose not to socialize the way I used to. However in the end I’ll be better for it and my real people will be there. You’re doing amazing and are so inspirational. Just keep swimming, it’ll be worth it.

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