Looking in the Mirror

I have long maintained that when we look at ourselves in the mirror we see the sum total of our daily rituals – habits and personal beliefs looking right back at us.

That’s why we look at ourselves less and less as well become more and more broken and disconnected from who we are truly meant to be.

We don’t want to be reminded of how we are fucked up and continue to fuck up in our lives.

Starting to look at ourselves in the mirror at first is heartbreakingly tough!

As it should be – we let ourselves get this way.

We need to raise our personal standards and level of self-love so high that we change our daily rituals and habits and thought processes.

Rituals of eating properly, exercising, journaling.

Habits of personal presentation, doing the self-work early in the day and consistently and with great pride.

We need to look in the mirror every day to hold ourselves accountable.

Not just to see our hair is good! (not really an option for me anymore..lol)

Talk a look at your entire body every morning – take it all in.

What you see staring back at you is telling you what you need to know.

It’s feedback.

It’s your Google review.

Is it 1 star or 5 stars?

When I first started at 398 lbs I fucking heated that mirror!

What I really hated was myself and who I had let myself become.

I hated that I was holding me back from being the superhero version of ME!

I decided that I was going to look in the mirror every day – I was going to take pictures every day – I was going to shoot video every day.

I knew that if I looked at myself hard enough and often enough, it would fuel my desire and drive for me to act, moving forward every minute of every hour of every day.

A few things started to happen – I became consistent with the 4 daily non-negotiables of Iron Will:

  1. Food Mastery
  2. Exercise
  3. Mindset
  4. Personal Presentation

I started to lose the fear and self-loathing that the mirror used to show me.

Once enough weight came off I was able to see the changes

In my face, then my arms, my legs.

Then one day I saw the change in my eyes.

I started to see more confidence and increased self-esteem.

I started to wear better-fitting clothes.

I even chose one day of the week to be my Badass Motherfucker Day.

Every Thursday I make an even bigger point of wearing my best-fitting jeans and a new Iron Hos Gear T-shirt

Coming out of the shower after I shave, standing there butt naked I look at myself head to toe.

And I say these words out loud:

  • I am a Badass Motherfucker
  • In how I look.
  • In how I feel.
  • In how I move.
  • In how I dress.
  • In how I think.

I feel the power buzzing inside me.

Empowered. Strong. Ready.

I fucking love the mirror now.

It shows me all the progress.

It shows me where I am.

It shows me what I have left to do.

The mirror never changed.

I did.

The mirror shows me the sum total of my daily rituals, habits, and personal beliefs looking right back at me.

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