Episode 1 of the Silverback Blueprint Podcast – Rebuild

silverback Blueprint Podcast

ReleasedJul 11, 2017

Episode 1 – Rebuild <== Click here to listen

Curd talks about rebuilding.

Sometimes when we are knee deep in the rice paddies we can feel overwhelmed.

Take a step back, establish a 50m goal, and move forward step by step.

Crush-A-Diem (don’t just Sieze the day – CRUSH the DAY!!)


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Episode 1 – Rebuild 

About the Silverback Blueprint Podcast

We publish 2 shows a week

Monday and Thurday

The Silverback Blueprint is all about rebuilding the alpha male in men 40 and over. 

What is a SilverBack?

A term used to describe the larger buck; or bigger undomesticated male.

For me it represents the ultimate achievement for males of the human species with an unmistakable connotation of personal power, social significance and self confidence.

This is usually when we hit the 40-45+ age category – shit we are just starting to become cool and interesting! When you walk into the room people take notice!

When the shit hits the fan you’re the one who is ready to step up and deal with any situation.