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Be The Kind of Person That...

… When you wake up in the morning, the Devil goes, “Crap! they’re up!”


Talk about lifestyle.


Talk about training.


Talk about supplements.


Talk about business.

5 Am Video – The Monkey on your back

5 Am Video – The Monkey on your back     At this stage of our lives we all have a few “Monkeys on our back” Some unresolved issue either with ourselves, another person or a situation. It’s usually something that is highly charged emotionally for us. It’s something that is...

12 more weeks of Regret

12 more weeks of Regret

This week we started our next 12 week session of the Silverback Blueprint. Over the next 3 months -  4 men will begin to transform themselves Physically Mentally Spiritually We start with the before pics, measurements and weigh ins. A quick warm up / mini workout...

Wholly Shit Hostyle is 7 years old!

Wholly Shit Hostyle is 7 years old!

Can you believe it?    7 Years!!! We started with 1 Tuesday Nite class at 6 pm in a 2000 Sq ft Retails Store. 3 years ago we moved and expanded to 6000 sq ft and 18 month ago we added another space for a total of 8000 sq ft! From my first client Jojo (who is still...

The Silverback Blueprint

The Silverback Blueprint

Here's How I started it all Here's a pic me weighing 395 Lbs   I can tell you my life was shitty! I felt like crap, I couldn't walk 500 meters - my back was done - my cardio was in the toilet. But the crazy part was I could bench over 500 lbs so I clung to that,...

I’m a fucking Alcoholic…

I’m a fucking Alcoholic…

I’m an alcoholic – recovering / recovered now, been sober since October 2014. I’ve known for a long time now, maybe I’ve always known. Like most of us that have an issue or demon on our back we know. We can’t admit it – we don’t know how to - but mostly were just so...

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