If You are Serious, Write shit down Episode 177

This is the low hanging fruit that you can easily grab and start making a change today!

It starts with writing things down, your goals – your dreams – your action plan

Writing things down encourages daily progress

Before anyone tries to improve themselves, their thoughts, or their actions, the first step should always be to evaluate their past and current situation.

By writing things down, you’d have a record of what you did, thought of, and acted on so this helps you reflect on what worked and what didn’t. You can gauge your strengths and weaknesses and identify how you spend your time and energy.




I have always said, my very best training happens when I write everything down in my training journal.

My mind takes it more serious – my body takes it more serious

I have a way of making sure I continue to push and progress

Some days – I feel like dog shit and really don’t want to think about training – but with a workout that’s written down – I just work on getting it done

1 line – 1 exercise – 1 set at at time..

In no time flat workout is done

Mind and Body are in a much different place due to adrenaline and endorphins

Best of all – I didn’t skip and I kept myself accountable

Always being pulled forward – Not even I can get in my own way that way.








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