My New Doctor was Blown Away

Last week I set up an appointment to meet my new family doctor.

I was very keen on having a doctor who was a little older, a little more seasoned – someone who hopefully could relate to me more.

Yet someone young enough–or at least be more proactive–when it comes to staying up on current protocols and trends in healthcare. In my case specifically, it means regularly conducting blood tests for hormone levels, and kidney and liver function.

The fact that he is also closer to my age is important to me, as I feel he can better relate to issues of being 50ish and wanting to live a full and exciting life going forward.

Sitting down to meet him, I spoke openly about what I wanted from him as a doctor and he was able to explain to me what type of patient he prefers working with.

I really liked this!

We both knew what we wanted going into this. So we would soon see if we were a “fit” or not.

I had brought my last 3 blood tests with me in a file ( yes like Dalton from Roadhouse .. lol)

So he could see what was happening with my system on the inside.

Weight Loss Transformation

But it’s when I showed him my latest transformation progress pics, that he actually went quiet for a moment!

The first pic is of me at 398 lbs – the middle pic at 335 lbs – and the last at 275 lbs last week (May 2021).

He then said he couldn’t believe it was the same guy in the picture sitting across from him now!

The fact that the transformation occurred over just the last 18 months further impressed him.

I explained to him that I want to be in control of my health and that I needed a doctor in my corner that would look to be on my team.

I want guidance and advice – not objections to me wanting regular blood tests to monitor my hormone levels and other organ function, as I embark further into my Heroic Transformation.

He loved it and said he wished all his patients cared as much about their own health to this level.

I also could tell he wasn’t afraid to voice his opinion or concerns either about some of the subjects we discussed – telling me what I need to hear, not what he thought I might want to hear.

I can’t begin to tell you how much this means to me to have another piece of the puzzle in place!

All part of my…

…240 lbs – Skydiving – Wing-Walking next phase that I’m embarking on!

Wait, have I talked about the Wing-Walking yet?

That’s happening!!

Struggle – Persevere – Succeed – Inspire

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