Opinions are like Assholes…

Opinions are like assholes – everyone has one.

Maybe a more mature and sophisticated title would be:

Tips on Getting Advice

But let’s be fucking real – I ain’t none too mature or sophisticated.

With my transformation into the superhero version of me, there have been many people watching and paying attention.

Some want me to succeed.

Some want me to fail.

Many don’t give a fuck either way (that’s cool too  – as I am doing this ultimately for me and nothing or no one else).

Many reach out to say how they are inspired.

Many reach out asking for help with coaching, training, and nutrition.

And a few have reached out to offer their advice.

Now, not all advice is bad.

But, not all advice is good.

Many times it’s unsolicited… but in some cases, I have indeed asked for it.

The key here is to learn how to decipher what to listen to.

When to just smile and ignore it,


When to act upon it or look deeper into the information provided.

Just the other day I read something from the Daily Stoic that ended up being very true and quite timely.

“When it comes to taking advice, it should come from someone who has run his own business, taken real risks, made it to the top and bottom of a few fields, worked on an important project, gotten his hands dirty, has had skin in the game.”

Advice without that perspective is advice from someone who just wants to give advice.

Advice from someone who sits protected from the reality of the world—cushioned from consequences, in charge of nothing but books, pens, and paper—is worthless.

Read that last paragraph again.

As you, or I, or anyone embarks on change and the pursuit of our dreams and passions, hold people’s advice to the highest scrutiny.

Your dad may love you, but he may not know shit about what you’re trying to achieve.

Your buddy on the bar stool is probably all-knowing – while he’s never done any of the actual doing.

Take advice from people who have done what you want to do.

Seek out knowledge from people doing those same things at even higher levels.

Invest your resources with the people who have proven and have done what you are trying or wishing to achieve.


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