Curd Jacked at 265 lbs?! Down 133 lbs overall

It’s been a busy summer!
But it’s also been one of the best summers of my life.
Following the 4 daily non-negotiables we teach in the Iron Will Reboot program has been vital to me at this point in my life:
  • In a pandemic,
  • While working on my transformation – now down 133 lbs,
  • While rebuilding my brand and business during these crazy times.
Curd Hos lost 133 lbs
Some cool shit I did this summer
  • Finally got a Blue Jays weekend in with my wife,
  • Went to an outdoor SPA where I walked around with no shirt on in public,
  • Ran a powerlifting meet – the first in almost 2 years due to covid!
Working with more clients than ever
  • Transformations
  • Personal Training
  • Life Coaching
Being able to have great purpose and impact on people’s lives is my true happy place!
Lots of great things are on the horizon!
But make no mistake, I still have lots of work to do.
The Heroic Journey of “me” is far from complete.
There are still hurdles.
There are still times of self-doubt and the Imposter Syndrome to deal with!
My Mindset work continues…
The most important “Boundary” or “Standard” I have set for myself is
putting myself first!
Not in a make-myself-feel-good-all-the-time kind of way.
It’s not, Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll/never let myself feel anything but euphoric all the time/putting myself first behavior.
It’s the very opposite
  • Workout twice a day,
  • Mindset work,
  • Set goals and complete tasks,
  • Food mastery,
  • Self-discipline.

It’s suffering daily to make this new amazing reality even better!

It’s about delayed gratification so that the true rewards will be even greater and permanent down the line.
Discipline – Determines – Destiny
There is much satisfaction in working hard and feeling accomplished.
I’m blessed to have this grind for success before me!
I have come an incredibly long way – but there is so much more to do!
Am I tired at times?
Yup, who isn’t tried at times. But now it’s with a reason and a purpose!
I monitor my energy daily and adjust activities and give myself more room to recharge as needed, GUILT FREE (lol .. well fewer feelings of guilt as I see how it empowers me to keep going!!)
I have never been more:
Excited, and
I wake up each day ready!
It’s been a very good summer!
2021 – 2022 Personal Objectives
  • 240 lbs body-weight
  • Skydive
  • Wing Walking


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