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… When you wake up in the morning, the Devil goes, “Crap! they’re up!”


Talk about lifestyle.


Talk about training.


Talk about supplements.


Talk about business.

Wholly Shit Hostyle is 7 years old!

Wholly Shit Hostyle is 7 years old!

Can you believe it?    7 Years!!! We started with 1 Tuesday Nite class at 6 pm in a 2000 Sq ft Retails Store. 3 years ago we moved and expanded to 6000 sq ft and 18 month ago we added another space for a total of 8000 sq ft! From my first client Jojo (who is still...

The Silverback Blueprint

The Silverback Blueprint

Here's How I started it all Here's a pic me weighing 395 Lbs   I can tell you my life was shitty! I felt like crap, I couldn't walk 500 meters - my back was done - my cardio was in the toilet. But the crazy part was I could bench over 500 lbs so I clung to that,...

I’m a fucking Alcoholic…

I’m a fucking Alcoholic…

I’m an alcoholic – recovering / recovered now, been sober since October 2014. I’ve known for a long time now, maybe I’ve always known. Like most of us that have an issue or demon on our back we know. We can’t admit it – we don’t know how to - but mostly were just so...

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